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News about the website

The site has been offline for a week,but we’re finally back. As you’ve perhaps noticed, the site often had  trouble. To solve this problem, we decided to change our web server. To offer you an even more efficient site, we’ve chosen a more powerful host server. The site should be much faster (loading UHQ pictures on the gallery now requiring only a few seconds, for example). We hope you’ll enjoy the change!

Improving the site requires investments. To change our server, for example, we’ve spent several hundred dollars. As a consequence, we’ve made the choice to create a button on the site “donate”, by clicking on it you will have the opportunity to donate to our community via the secure Paypal payment system. Your donations will help to pay the website hosting and exclusive photos. Thank you in advance, regardless of the amount, your help will be very important for us and we’ll be very grateful.

News about Avril

Finally, back to the news concerning Avril ! Back in Los Angeles, Avril takes some rest but still participates in some events.

You can first of all see on the gallery HQ pictures of her return in Los Angeles. On 26th August, she participated in the latest program of “Chelsea Lately” where she sang with many personalities a parody of We Are The World. Some days ago, she was spotted at a club in Los Angeles to attend a comedy evening in All Def Comedy Live.

Also for our come back, we offer you some exclusive pictures: Avril was recently seen at the Little Restaurant and Château Marmont in Hollywood and the paparazzis were there for some pictures.

On the gallery:
Arriving at Los Angeles Airport- 20.08.14
Birthday of Avril’s Best Friend Caryn Los Angeles 20.08.14
The Avril Lavigne tour- End Party 22.08.14
Chelsea Lately – Finale Episode Hollywood 26.08.14
The Little Door Restaurant, West Hollywood 26.08.14 [Exclusive HQ]
Steve Ferlazzo Birthday 28.08.14
Leaving the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood 28.08.14 [Exclusive HQ]

Chelsea Lately Final Episode – We Are The World parody

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Avril’s trip in Japan already ended yesterday with a last concert in Sapporo. For the occasion, the Bearshark was back as we can see on the low resolution pictures which are available for the moment. A HQ video of three songs performed during the concert in Tokyo was posted by the Summer Sonic website. It will give you the opportunity to discover the vibes in Japan during these shows.

Avril will be back very soon in Asia as she would come back in China for a press conference the 26th of August and for a concert the 13th of September. We don’t know yet if these events are related to the Uni President Ice Tea promotion.

In addition, Chuck from Simple Plan nominated Avril and Chad for “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge” .This challenge performed for charity is a nominations game on social networks.

The idea is to film dumping a bucket of ice water on one’s head and then appoint others who will in turn make the challenge and finally to make (or not!) a donation to the ALS Foundation. The person who refuses the challenge has to make a donation to the ALS Foundation. This foundation fights against Lou Gehrig’s disease, the amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, helping to fund scientific research and bringing assistance to patients with this disease. This challenge quickly spread among the celebrities on the web and hundreds personalities such as Steven Spielberg, Justin Timberlake, Taylor Swift have already participated. Only Barack Obama directly made a donation. We will see in the coming days if Avril will meet the challenge and make a donation.

Summer Sonic 2014- Osaka, Japan 16.08.14 [Official Pictures]
Summer Sonic- Tokyo, Japan 17.08.14
Summer Sonic 2014- Sapporo 19.08.14

Summer Sonic Tour
Official video HQ Girlfriend, Rock N Roll, WTH
Hush Hush
My Happy Ending
Hello Kitty
He Wasn’t
Sk8er Boi
Song 2

Avril nominated for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge



We thought that the Avril Lavigne Tour was over but Avril continues to have some fun with more shows in Japan. She performed the 13th and 14th August in Nagoya and Fukuoka, fort concerts which were part of the Zepp Tour/Summer Sonic 2014. The setlist is quite similar of those of other concerts, and Avril remains, just like in the Hello Kitty video, very colorful with her cupcake skirt. Some fans also have the opportunity to meet Avril as meet & greet tickets are once again available for sale. Do not hesitate to regularly visit the gallery to see the latest photos!

Finally, Avril retweeted one of our creations on her Twitter!

On the gallery:
Zepp Tour- Nagoya, Japan 13.08.14
Zepp Tour- Fukuoka, Japan 14.08.14
VIP Package-Summer Sonic Zepp Tour 2014
In Rock August 2014



Holidays are well underway for Avril who takes a little break, thus the news is quite rare. She is certainly in Canada with her family, she was  recently seen at a concert of Katy Perry in Toronto. We take advantage of this period to add some content to Avril Bandaids France. The Around Avril Lavigne section, which is about our collection, has just been updated with 75 new products. It includes various versions of the “Avril Lavigne” record, some promotional CDs, some promotional products which were done for the collaboration of Avril with a Chinese iced tea, a lot of Abbey Dawn products and more. We invite you to discover all the new products by clicking on the scrolling text below. If you don’t know about Around Avril Lavigne yet, have a look HERE. If you also collect Avril’s stuff, feel free to contact us via Facebook or Twitter.

Moreover, the section Paparazzi/Candids on the gallery has been completely updated! The category includes now 713 albums from 2002 to 2014 with thousands of pictures that you can (re)discover.


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New design for the website and our social networks, we wanted it to be brighter for the summer months. We hope you’ll enjoy it! We thank Augustin who constantly helps us to improve the site. During our holidays, we’ll add some new stuff on the website and we’ll also offer you some surprises, so stay tuned!