Not much news about Avril who is currently resting after a year of album promotion. There are still lots of rumors concerning a possible rupture between Avril and Chad but we certainly won’t have an official answer.

For the moment, you can find a new picture of Avril taken more than a year ago as part of the promotion for the “Avril Lavigne” album. In an interview given to InRock magazine, Avril would say this photo was taken for the cover of InRock Magazine, along with the photos for the new album. However, after sending it to Sony Music Japan, the photo was not published due in particular to copyright, as Avril had not obtained the permission of Sanrio (the company of Hello Kitty).

Although the veracity of this photo is much debated, we confirm that it is a true picture prohibited for publication.

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Hello Kitty Pink Shoot


With the end of the area of the fifth album, news are quite rare. To wait, we let you discover three new pictures from the Canon shoots in 2008 and Paper Magazine in 2009.

About a possible rupture between Avril and Chad, some recent information come to deny this rumor which has become very persistent for the last weeks.

First, Nick Carter,  member of The Backstreet Boys, told Toronto radio 104.5 CHUM FM he had recently been invited to a party hosted by the couple, adding that Avril and Chad were still well and truly together.

Then Chad and Avril have been seen no later than last night in a Cadillac Escalade for a drive-in cinema. The website of “The Stardust Drive” reported the event, adding that the couple enjoyed in privacy the film “A Walk Among the Tombstones”. The Employees of the company did not hesitate to tweet their pleasure to serve the couple. No photos have yet been published.


Finally, Avril herself retweeted a rather explicit message
“Some people will never be happy and will endlessly try to bring down and demean those who are. Don’t let it get to you.”

However, Avril has always tried to preserve as much as possible her privacy, so we can wonder if all this is not about staging a fake to silence the rumors. We’ll probably learn more in the future…

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Canon Canada 2008 (+1)
Paper Magazine 2009 (+2)

Nick Carter says Avril and Chad are still together on 104.5 CHUM FM

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Avril Lavigne Chad Kroeger spotted at the Stardust Drive in Theater


As expected, Avril celebrated yesterday her birthday in The Bak Nightclub in Las Vegas. She was so cute all dressed in pink. Her closest friends were with her, such as Gabriel Panduro and her sister-in-law Amie. Yet, Chad was not here. This may confirm Avril and Chad are not together anymore. All the exclusive HQ pictures are on our gallery.

Donations to support the athletes of Special Olympics were completed last night. The first prize (a dinner with Avril) was awarded with a donation of $ 11,112 to support the cause. Total contributions made during this campaign amount $39,105, a very nice sum!

Once again, we reiterate our Birthday wishes to Avril.

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The Bank Nightclub Las Vegas- Avril 30th Birthday 27.09.14
Avril fête son anniversaire au Bank Night Club 27.09.14
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My Birthday Wish for Special Olympics



Today is Avril’s Birthday, she celebrates her 30th anniversary. For the occasion, members of the community get together to send her a birthday card on Twitter. We thank all the participants! Avril will celebrate the event tonight at the Bank Nightclub in Las Vegas. We wish her an amazing night!

We made a small contest among the participants of the card project. The winners of the two agendas were drawn. We are pleased to announce that Aline and Célia will shortly receive an Avril Lavigne agenda in their mailbox! Congratulations!

See full size card HERE.



There are not so much news about Avril since the end of the tour. Avril had announced a music video for Give You What You Like, but fans are still patiently waiting.

The only information which is currently spreading on the web, is about the rumors launched by Us Weekly magazine about a possible split between Avril and Chad. The source of the magazine reports that “it’s over” and that “”He has been going around L.A. telling people that they are divorcing”. According to the relatives of Avril, “Chad is just a complete jerk in the way he talks to her, and the way he talks to people in general. A lot of her friends don’t like him.” Of course, it is only rumors and we will probably learn more in the future…

Finally, no need to remember that next Saturday we will celebrate the 30 years of Avril. For the occasion, Avril will give a party at Bank Nightclub in Las Vegas. If you’re in the area, you can buy your ticket for the evening! Her birthday will also be the opportunity to close the contest that helps athletes of Special Olympics World Games (details here). For now the total donations amount to $ 10,445 with the highest bid at $ 1,405. Prices will probably continue to rise in the coming hours.

Finally, we thank all the fans who participated in our project to send a birthday card to Avril. We will reveal the card next Saturday by posting here and on our social networks. We’ll also announce the winners of the two agendas.

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